USDA APHIS Investigative and Enforcement Services (IES)


October 14, 2015

Investigative and Enforcement Services’ (IES) staff of roughly 140 employees throughout the country provides investigative, enforcement, and regulatory support services to four APHIS programs—Animal Care (AC), Biotechnology Regulatory Services (BRS), Plant Protection and Quarantine (PPQ), and Veterinary Services (VS).   IES also provides these services for agricultural quarantine inspection (AQI) activities carried out by the Department of Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Protection (CBP).  The Agency enforces the following laws, each of which outlines requirements for compliance and general penalty provisions:

IES’ work is divided between two groups.  Field investigators conduct investigations and produce reports of investigation (ROIs), and headquarters enforcement staff members review completed ROIs for evidentiary sufficiency.  When the information and evidence gathered during an investigation supports a finding of a violation, APHIS may pursue enforcement action against that person or entity.

Enforcement Summaries:
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A Dog Has it's Day Video


April 22, 2015

With springtime upon us, and the warmer weather finally coming through, we able to actually enjoy going outdoors. It's always nice to go shopping without putting on a pair of ice skates.

Companion Animals are an important part of all our lives, for both young and old. Dogs and cats become a part of the family as we adopt or get a new animal. It is important to remind everyone, that companion animals need to be cared for and loved.

As the old saying goes, but also a known fact. Dog is the only creature on earth, that will love you more than it love's itself.

This video A Dog's Revenge is meant to be humor. The important message though, is that we must remember to be good to our dogs. Don't leave them locked up in a car on a hot day, while you're shopping. The best place for a dog is at home.

Although this video the dog is in an RV (Recreational Vehicle) and the windows are open, so this is not really a case of animal abuse, but a simple reminder for us all. Besides the owner will have a pleasant surprise when they come back. Might be a trip back to Walmart for some cleaning supplies and air fresheners.

Enjoy the video and share it with friends.

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New USDA Animal Identification 840 Tags in Effect


March 30, 2015

As of March 2015 the new Animal Identification system went into effect with the official approved 840 tags, which helps in the Animal Disease Traceability System.

The Animal Disease Tractability Program went into effect on March 2013 with a grace period of 2 years. The APHIS had allowed for the 2 year period so cattle producers could use their old 900 ID tags, and make the transition to the new 840 ID tags.

As of March 2015 all producers should be tagging cattle with the new 840 tags, for traceability within the new Animal Disease Traceability Program (ADT), which is administered by the USDA APHIS.

Under the new rule from the USDA, the new tagging system must comply with the official approved 840 tags only; the 900 tags are no longer accepted and or approved for ADT.

The new rule is in effect for cattle crossing state lines at the moment. The USDA has yet to provide a complete ruling and official regulation for complete 840 tagging traceability.

The Animal Disease Traceability is still a gray area.

ADT 840 Tag Compliance: Official (AIN) Animal Identification Number tags should begin with the 840 prefix with the U.S. shield on the tag. Tags could be visual or RFID tags.

At the moment the APHIS is currently educating producers on the new 840 tagging compliance, rather than enforcing the law.

Animal Identification Resources:

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Animal Identification: Benefits of RFID


January 25, 2013

Animal identification requires the basics of a visual ID tag and animal management software. Going beyond the basics of visual ID tags, shows management benefits which prove overall cost reduction of animal management.

Using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) for animal identification, provides more in depth knowledge, easier traceability and reliable information overall.

The following video, is one of a series of videos, dedicated to animal identification. The videos demonstrate firsthand, in the field the benefits of using RFID tags, RFID readers, and animal management software.

Benefits of RFID Tagging.

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Happy Holiday's


December 26, 2012

We would like to wish all our readers Happy Holiday's during this festive family holiday tradition.
This is the time of year, we see the wonder in children's eyes and reconnect with family members.

Christmas time is a holiday for sharing the warm spirit of love, happiness, and togetherness.

Happy Holiday's to you and yours, may the new year be joyful, prosperous, and adventurous.  




Allflex A-Tag: One Piece Cattle Tag


October 03, 2012

The new Allflex A-Tag provides a cost effective short term identification solution, which is also designed to be high quality visual tag. The A-TAG is designed to be a one piece ear tag, with a self-piercing design.

Allflex is known worldwide as an innovative manufacturer of high quality animal identification products. As an innovative supplier, Allflex is constantly designing and increasing their animal id products. 

With increasing demand from end users for a complete and easy one-piece ear tag, Allflex has created the new A-Tag. Designed and manufactured with high quality plastic, the Allflex A-Tag provides cattlemen with a fast effective high quality identification product. 

The A-Tag is similar in design and easy of application like the popular Z Tag one piece visual tag

The new A-Tag is available in three sizes for Feedlot, cow, and calf. Like the traditional Allfex visual tags, the A-Tag is available as a blank tag or with custom printing. 

The main advantage of the Allflex A-Tag is its unique one piece design, also with its self-piercing tip and fast application, the A-Tag causes less stress on the animal and faster healing.   

You can access the Allflex A-Tag datasheet here

The new cattle tag is part of the complete portfolio of Allflex animal identification products, that is back by industry knowledge and customer support. 

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