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June 30, 2011

Livestock-ID will soon be publishing its first edition of the newsletter, a reminder for all to sign-up today, and don’t get left behind.

The Livestock-ID newsletter will have exclusive content, in-depth reports, and special manufacturer rebates and offer’s that are exclusive to subscribers only.


Sign-up now and get the inside scoop on products, manufacturer rebates, and government rebates or incentives for animal identification. 

The new NAIS (National Animal Identification System) which will be named “Animal Disease Traceability” will become mandatory soon, now is a better time than ever to sign-up for the Livestock-ID Newsletter.

Additional Resources:

USDA Animal Disease Traceability System A look at the proposed new NAIS, and potential requirements for animal identification.

Approved USDA Cattle Ear Tags: 840 Tags is the current and up to date list of USDA approved and official 840 tags.

Livestock-ID Newsletter Sign-up

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