Cattle EID on the way for the UK


September 01, 2011

The UK farming industry welcomed the European Commissions’ proposal to move forward with Cattle EID. The EC made the announcement earlier this week on the need for bovine traceability, and also made recommendations for a much needed real time livestock database.

In its proposal the European Commission recommended a voluntary electronic identification system for all cattle. Several European countries currently use a voluntary EID system for ranch management purposes, which also provides an existing platform of identification for movement of bovine through its borders.

Members of the European Union mentioned that an implementation of a fully compliant EID system for cattle in the UK would strengthen the current traceability system for beef cattle and food products; making it faster and with accuracy.

In order to move quickly and give UK cattle producers an incentive to use EID, the EU has urged the UK government to allocated funds for initial grants for EID traceability to the bovine industry. The grants would be needed for cattle producers to purchase the necessary hardware for EID management, which would initially be for RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) readers.

Electronic identification (EID) tagging in sheep and goats in the UK has been mandatory since 2010, along with individual recording of each animal.

What is an EID Tag?

EID is an acronym for Electronic Identification, which is aUK Cattle EID Tag term used for scanning or reading the identification number of an object with an electronic device or EID reader, which works the same way as a barcode scanner.

EID uses RFID as the technology used to read the identification, like a barcode scanner, RFID uses radio frequency to read the identification of a tag.

An EID tag is another term used for RFID tags, in this case an EID ear tag is the same as an RFID button tag or RFID ear tag.

Bovine EID:

Bovine EID would be the next logical step for a complete and accurate traceability system with agricultures most valued commodity.

Bovine EID makes perfect sense in a country, where Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) also known as Mad Cows disease has the highest known cases for the fatal animal disease.

When BSE was discovered in the UK, not only did it cause many deaths directly related from infected cattle, it also created a financial crises on the UK beef cattle industry. At the time of the outbreak, the UK had confirmed more than 180 000 cattle had been diagnosed with BSE, which resulted in an initial slaughter of over 4 million cattle, in an effort to eradicate the disease.

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