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December 26, 2012

We would like to wish all our readers Happy Holiday's during this festive family holiday tradition.
This is the time of year, we see the wonder in children's eyes and reconnect with family members.

Christmas time is a holiday for sharing the warm spirit of love, happiness, and togetherness.

Happy Holiday's to you and yours, may the new year be joyful, prosperous, and adventurous.  




Allflex A-Tag: One Piece Cattle Tag


October 03, 2012

The new Allflex A-Tag provides a cost effective short term identification solution, which is also designed to be high quality visual tag. The A-TAG is designed to be a one piece ear tag, with a self-piercing design.

Allflex is known worldwide as an innovative manufacturer of high quality animal identification products. As an innovative supplier, Allflex is constantly designing and increasing their animal id products. 

With increasing demand from end users for a complete and easy one-piece ear tag, Allflex has created the new A-Tag. Designed and manufactured with high quality plastic, the Allflex A-Tag provides cattlemen with a fast effective high quality identification product. 

The A-Tag is similar in design and easy of application like the popular Z Tag one piece visual tag

The new A-Tag is available in three sizes for Feedlot, cow, and calf. Like the traditional Allfex visual tags, the A-Tag is available as a blank tag or with custom printing. 

The main advantage of the Allflex A-Tag is its unique one piece design, also with its self-piercing tip and fast application, the A-Tag causes less stress on the animal and faster healing.   

You can access the Allflex A-Tag datasheet here

The new cattle tag is part of the complete portfolio of Allflex animal identification products, that is back by industry knowledge and customer support. 

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