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April 22, 2015

With springtime upon us, and the warmer weather finally coming through, we able to actually enjoy going outdoors. It's always nice to go shopping without putting on a pair of ice skates.

Companion Animals are an important part of all our lives, for both young and old. Dogs and cats become a part of the family as we adopt or get a new animal. It is important to remind everyone, that companion animals need to be cared for and loved.

As the old saying goes, but also a known fact. Dog is the only creature on earth, that will love you more than it love's itself.

This video A Dog's Revenge is meant to be humor. The important message though, is that we must remember to be good to our dogs. Don't leave them locked up in a car on a hot day, while you're shopping. The best place for a dog is at home.

Although this video the dog is in an RV (Recreational Vehicle) and the windows are open, so this is not really a case of animal abuse, but a simple reminder for us all. Besides the owner will have a pleasant surprise when they come back. Might be a trip back to Walmart for some cleaning supplies and air fresheners.

Enjoy the video and share it with friends.

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