Age and Source Verification: The essential prerequisite for Animal Identification.


April 07, 2010

Age and Source Verification: The essential prerequisite for Animal Identification.

A recent research project that was conducted by the University of Illinois, demonstrated how cattle ranchers could receive higher premiums per head of cattle. The research and proposed system call “The Processed Verification Program” or (PVP) for Age and Source verification of livestock.

The Processed Verification Program, which was suggested to the southern Illinois ranchers, proved that higher premiums per head can be achieved, which is added value to their beef cattle operations.

Age and Source Verification, is one of the first and important steps in animal identification. Soon as a calf is born, it is tagged recorded, and the info is sent to the verification program. The rancher then receives documentation that the calf is Age and Source verified. It is a simple and effective start to animal identification.

With Age and Source Verification, this gives confidence to the consumers that their beef can be traced by to the point of origin, and also the age is verified. With the ranchers premise ID, calf tag identification, and date of birth, this can all be reported easily to the state designated PVP.

The University of Illinois, proposed that if “The Processed Verification Program” is implemented and used by farmers breeding cattle in southern Illinois, they could be able to sell their cattle to feed lots with an average premium increase of $25 per head. The premiums could go between $25 to $80 per head, depending on the certified verification, which in the case would simply be Age and Source.

There is also a trend for organic produce and organic production. The more organic feed that is given to cattle, and the way cattle are raised could also give higher premiums per head, along with age and source verification.

Arango Rueda from the University of Illinois recommended that the PVP be put into place immediately, and that farmers make some changes to their operations, so certification can easily be achieved. Arango Rueda, went on to say that on the world market, countries such as Japan, Korea, and some of the European countries, pay higher premiums on verified cattle.

As for a National Animal Identification System, this would be the first step in animal identification, and a start towards full livestock traceability. Age and Source verification or the PVP is a natural first step that all individual states should look at, as the basic grounds for a new NAIS.

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