USDA Declared Farmers Market Week


August 02, 2010

This week is declared National Farmers Market week. As officially declared by Thomas Vilsack from the USDA for The week of August 1-7 2010. USDA-Letter

USDA Full listing of Farmers Markets.

This is a great opportunity to discover your local farmers market and support local farmers with the purchase of fresh produce, cheeses, and meats. The farmers market has long been a tradition for many families, as the best source for farm to plate freshness.

The farmers market has always been the best place to buy homemade products like fresh baked bread, choice cuts of fresh meats, sausages, and ready to cook food for your BBQ.

Make it a family day, and visit your local farmers market, treat yourself to the goodness of farm fresh products, and give your local farmers your support.

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