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November 04, 2010

Allflex USA, Inc. also simply known as Allflex is a company that manufactures livestock identification products, such as visual ear tags, RFID button ear tags, RFID microchips, RFID readers, and various marking products for the livestock industry.

Allflex is known as a world leader in technology and manufacturing of livestock identification products, for individual animal identification management.

Allflex manufactures a wide range of animal identification products such as visual ear tags, RFID ear tags, and injectable microchips. They also manufactuAllflex-USAre a wide range of RFID readers for animal identification and traceability. Other products in their portfolio for animal identification also include tattoo marking systems. Syringes for bottle feed and vaccines and drenchers for spray-on applications are also produced.

Allflex is one of only a few manufacturers that are approved for official government traceability programs around the world; Countries such as United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom to name a few.

Ear tags and microchips that are official approved 840 tags.

Brief Company Information:

Allflex originally started in New Zealand in 1955, the original name of the company was Delta Plastics. John Burford and Brian Murphy were dairy farmers looking for a durable marking solution for their livestock. The companies strength has always been hands on experience and development of latest technology. 

Additional Resources and links:
Website: Allflex USA 


1-800-989-TAGS (8247)

Email: Lori Braden

USA: Official Approved 840 Ear Tags

Canada: Approved Canadian Cattle RFID Ear Tags

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