Allflex USA Buys Destron Fearing Corp


May 18, 2011

Allflex USA, Inc. has increased its product portfolio in animal identification technology; with the newly acquired Destron Fearing Corporation (animal ID) subsidiary of Digital Angel Corp. Allflex USA has completed the acquisition for $25 million USD in cash.

Digital Angel Corp. and its board of directors decided to sell off its animal ID division on the advice of independent investment consultants. The company had refused an offer of $17 million last year from PositiveID Corporation. Digital Angel will use the proceeds from the sale of Destron Fearing to concentrate on its core business of emergency identification solutions, which consist of rescue beacons.

Destron Fearing also known simply as Destron has its products used globally in many applications such as pet identification for companion animals; using its patented FDA approved implantable microchips (glass transponders). Destron’s other applications include livestock identification and herd management, using visual and RFID ear tags. Destron also manufactures a full line of RFID readers from its popular DTR-4 handheld reader to fixed panel readers, all used for livestock identification of cattle, sheep, horses and swine.

One of Destron’s most prized assets is its patents on implantable microchips, including BIO-THERMO LifeChip Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) microchip. There is also an approved Official 840 tag version of the LifeChip.

The Bio-Thermo LifeChip is a unique asset for animal identification along with the added benefits of animal health. The most popular applications for the RFID temperature tags are companion animal id and equine identification.

The implanted LifeChip allows an RFID reader to capture the animal’s body temperature, along with its unique identification. The benefit of reading real time temperature is the ability to identify a sick animal, and detect early stages of animal disease, prompting immediate action.

Destron-DTR4-Bluetooth-RFID-ReaderThere are only two RFID readers on the market with this patented technology to read Bio-Thermo LifeChip tags. Small animal veterinarians use a small AVID reader, and state veterinarians and ranchers use the Destron DTR-4 handheld reader.

The DTR-4 is one of the most versatile handheld reader on the market, which reads all livestock ear tags from Allflex HDX and FDX ear tags to Destron EID tags, and Bio-Thermo LifeChip tags. The DTR-4 can also read real time body temperature, which is an advantage for equine identification.

Allflex USA is a leader in design, manufacturing and technology for livestock identification products and management tools. Allflex identification products include visual identification tags, tamperproof tags, global management tags, feedlot tags, and RFID ear tags for EID systems.

With the acquisition of Destron Fearing, Allflex USA now adds traceability and identification to animal health.

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