New USDA Animal Identification 840 Tags in Effect


March 30, 2015

As of March 2015 the new Animal Identification system went into effect with the official approved 840 tags, which helps in the Animal Disease Traceability System.

The Animal Disease Tractability Program went into effect on March 2013 with a grace period of 2 years. The APHIS had allowed for the 2 year period so cattle producers could use their old 900 ID tags, and make the transition to the new 840 ID tags.

As of March 2015 all producers should be tagging cattle with the new 840 tags, for traceability within the new Animal Disease Traceability Program (ADT), which is administered by the USDA APHIS.

Under the new rule from the USDA, the new tagging system must comply with the official approved 840 tags only; the 900 tags are no longer accepted and or approved for ADT.

The new rule is in effect for cattle crossing state lines at the moment. The USDA has yet to provide a complete ruling and official regulation for complete 840 tagging traceability.

The Animal Disease Traceability is still a gray area.

ADT 840 Tag Compliance: Official (AIN) Animal Identification Number tags should begin with the 840 prefix with the U.S. shield on the tag. Tags could be visual or RFID tags.

At the moment the APHIS is currently educating producers on the new 840 tagging compliance, rather than enforcing the law.

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