Canadian Lamb Company Initiative: A New Organization


July 07, 2010

The Saskatchewan Sheep Development Board (SSDB) has announced the formation of the Canadian Lamb Company Initiative (CLCI) which is part of the many support changes in place, and to be implemented to support Canadian Sheep Producers.

The CLCI is fully supported by the Government of Canada, with an initial funding of $178,000 to establish itself, to support its objective in building a stronger lamb industry. Part of its multiphase project is to focus on and implement new business models and operations for the industry. The major part if the project will be establishing added value to the chain, for producers, processors, retailers, and distributors.

The newly formed organization will provide lamb producers with financial and market incentives needed in order to expand their operations and make a profit. Funding to start this program is being provided by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada through the Canadian Agricultural Adaptation Program (CAAP). 

The CAAP is investing $163 million over five years (2009-2014) as a national initiative for the agriculture industry to adapt to changes and remain competitive in the market place. CAAP funding is for all areas of development including traceability, environment, climate change, diseases, and ongoing areas as needed.

Canadian Lamb Industry Note:

The Consumption of Lamb in Canada has been on a steady rise over the last few years, and research reports give a strong indication, that consumption will continue to rise at a steady and predictable rate over the next few years. The reason for the sudden increase in Lamb consumption in Canada can be attributed to Canada’s diverse population, growing ethnic communities, and healthier eating habits.

Lamb and goat are considered to be the alternative to beef for those who do not consume beef cow products, as they both have the same great protein content, which is highly recommended for good health. Lamb is a more lean and palatable red meat versus beef.

Lamb and Goat products have seen a major increase over the last few years in additional processed products, from cheeses, milk to ground meat, and pate. Canadian food service and retailers have been buying more lamb products to better serve their customers.

Warning Call of the Lamb Industry:

Canadian Lamb producers have been on a steady and rapid decline over the last few years, as a result the primary beneficiaries of the growth in demand for lamb products in the Canadian market are the lamb producers and lamb products marketing organizations in New Zealand and Australia.

Without an increase in the domestic production and marketing of domestic lambs, the Canadian lamb industry is in danger of becoming marginalized. Importers of New Zealand and Australian lamb products are on target to increase their market share from the current level of 60% of the market to over 80% of the Canadian retail and food service markets in the next 3-5 years.

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