Cattle Tracking with EID: COOL Animal ID


July 12, 2010


RFID ear tags track cattle, and give ranchers the information they need to better manage their herd. Ear tag EID (Electronic Identification) gives complete information of the cattle, from point of origin, and when the cattle was born, to vaccinations, and animal movements.

The RFID ear tag alone, does not give this information. The EID tag just holds the actual Identification of the animal, which is a unique identification along with the country code. As an example 840 which is United States we know is the country of origin, so this tag is also COOL (Country of Origin) compliant at the same time.

Here is a full list of USDA Approved Tags, which are also COOL tags.

The rest of the information on cattle comes from the ranchers livestock management software, where all the additional information is stored. This information is not public knowledge, since this is only at the rancher level.

In the video, the rancher is tagging the cattle with an Allflex RFID ear tag. He is tagging the cattle with the Allflex Universal Total Tagger, which is the tag applicator used for all Allflex ear tags. The tag applicator has an EID conversion kit added, so it could tag cattle with Allflex EID tags.

The RFID reader used to read RFID ear tags is the Allflex Yellow Stick, which is an ISO compliant reader for all RFID livestock ear tags. The Allflex stick reader is available with many options, from basic reader with no memory, to stick readers with memory and Bluetooth.

RFID readers are needed to read the tags, and send the tag EID’s to livestock management software, where you could enter all the additional information needed to compete your herd management.

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